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How To Get High Page Rank Backlinks

Today, 2:35 am
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To increase search engine ranking and get high Google ranking and get more traffic from organic search results you need to have good search engine optimization that depends on effective on page optimization and getting quality backlinks. But after today's Google updates you need to OPTIMIZARE SITE get OPTIMIZARE SITE diversity of backlinkd, starting from low page rank backlinks to high page rank backlinks but all need to come from relevant content pages that are not on bad domains, spammed pages or any sites that was OPTIMIZARE SITE hit by latest Google penguin.

If you loved this article and you also would like to collect more info relating to OPTIMIZARE SITE kindly visit our own web-site. The question is how you can get high page rank backlinks? Getting low page rank backlinks is easy; just follow the most common link building strategies like blog marketing, article marketing and forum marketing.optimizare site These and other strategies can get you a lot of PR0 to PR2 backlinks. But to increase your search engine ranking you need higher page rank backlinks to increase your own page rank also. You can get some high page rank backlinks by following these strategies. 1- Blog commenting.

Posting comments on high page rank blog posts will get you high page rank backlinks, but with this strategy most links will be on pages with a lot of outbound backlinks and low weight will be passed to your page rank.optimizare site 2- Guest posting. It is much better than blog commenting, with this strategy you can find some high page rank blogs and ask for guest posting, but also here your post will soon get out from the home page and you need to make some effort to increase the page rank of the permanent link your post at, This mean you will be promoting others blogs.

3- Link exchange is much better and this way you can search for good actual pages with high page rank and request a link exchange but this strategy require a lot of time and work and it is hard to exchange backlinks with pages that have higher page rank than your own.

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